Omiga - Fire Services

  • Dedicated 24 hour call out facility, 365 days a year included in our contract agreement cost.
  • Fully trained and qualified, multi-skilled FIA trained, Fire Alarm Engineers.
  • Service visits arranged at a time convenient for you.
  • Full visit reporting and recommendations including battery tests.
  • Free advice for system preventative maintenance, modifications and extensions.

Our Systems

Our fire alarm engineers are industry trained through the FIA assuring you that their knowledge has been tested by the leading fire industry governing body. With experience of many fire system types on the market, let us give you our quotation for the continuing health checks at the heart of your fire life safety provision.

Interface with BMS, Damper controls, plant shutdowns, lift controls, MCU’s and monitor sprinkler activations and isolations. Using the best equipment available today, with multi-panel networked intelligent systems we can help establish your building control priorities to maximise the safety controls within your premises.

Our fire safety experience extends to:-
Multi storey hotels and offices, prestigious developments, Commercial premises, Industrial areas, Retail outlets, Leisure facilities, Transport applications and more …

Our team will ensure effective routine maintenance is conducted periodically, thoroughly and with records provided to assure you of the highest levels of service, in accordance with BS5839-1.

Fire Risk Assessments

We maintain and service many types of buildings, providing you and your insurer with a suitable service contract. We can provide Fire Risk Assessors to conduct comprehensive Fire Risk Assessments for all types of buildings, to Fire Regulatory Reform Act 2005. We also offer an Emergency Callout Service

We maintain all types of Fire Alarm Systems, in all types of premises (min. 2 visits per annum). With totally Free Advice on your system operation and compliance.

Analogue Fire Alarm Systems

These types of system allow the user to see the precise location of the detector or manual breakglass activation and are generally suitable for medium to larger buildings, where the location of the activation is more critical. These systems are intelligent and more versatile to extend and adapt to changing operations or uses. Printers and Networking can also be achieved with these type of systems and can interface to a multitude of other services to control and signal others.

Conventional Fire Alarm Systems

These systems are based on zoning of areas and are suitable for small to medium size premises including apartment buildings, offices and shops. The fire resistant cabling is usually installed from the main entrance of the premises to each zone area and incorporates smoke and heat detectors along with manual breakglass units and electronic sounders.

Radio Fire Alarm Systems

Radio technology has the addressable panel advantages, without the need for wiring. These types of systems are most advantageous; in listed buildings, as temporary fire alarm systems, buildings where wiring is not cost effective, or if minimal disruption is required to a working environment.

PA/AV Systems

In an emergency situation such as a fire, it is essential that people are evacuated safely and in the shortest possible time. Electronic sounders and bells are commonly used as fire alarm warnings, however research has shown that people are less likely to react to these than those presented with a clear and easily understood message. The integration of PA/VA systems and fire detection systems can be used to give intelligible and unambiguous instructions via pre-recorded messages.

Disabled Refuge System

An EVC (emergency voice communication) or Disabled Refuge System allows firefighters and others to communicate with one another during emergency situations. The system also allows communication with disabled persons. It is a system that allows voice communication in either direction between a central control point and a number of other points throughout a building or building complex, particularly under the direction of management of firefighters.

Nurse Call Systems

A nurse call system allows hospital and nursing home patients to contact a nurse. Typically, when a patient signals for a nurse using the nurse call system, a series of light indicators are activated at staff bases, along corridors and above doorways

VESDA Systems

VESDA systems give very early detection of smoke and are therefore suitable for protecting business critical areas such as server rooms or other IT installations. The systems give up to 4 levels of activation - e.g. Alert, Action, Fire 1 and Fire 2 - to allow for escalating responses.

Fire Extinguishers

Fire Extinguisher Maintenance, Supply, Installation, Commissioning

We recognise that your life safety systems are essential to protect your personnel and business premises from the threat posed by a fire disaster. While we can’t stop the dangers from being present, we can use best practices to manage your fire extinguisher assets and to make sure they are maintained to the highest industry standards.

Our team will ensure effective routine maintenance is conducted periodically, thoroughly and with records provided to assure you of the highest levels of service, in accordance with BS5306-3.

We supply the very latest technology;
Panels: Advanced, Morley, C-tech, Kentech, EDA Panels, EMS Panels and many types off detection equipment.

Our fire extinguisher engineers are industry trained by BAFE to scheme SP101.

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